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23 Nov 2022

A few small updates have just been deployed: Resolved: Location Consumers can confirm species as per Location Moderator privileges Resolved: All users can confirm any species from within Sighting Edit page Resolved: Category moderators can bypass ID workflow and confirm a sighting as any specie...

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Updated and fully refreshed ALA data set21 Nov 2022

App update available! V4.1.130 Aug 2022

App issue reported19 Aug 2022

Please Collect Gang-gang feathers for genetic research5 Aug 2022

Latest discussion

Harrisi wrote:
2 Dec 2022
Excellent work and great news Aaron! Went into the jewel beetle (genus Castiarina) section of ALA and could clearly see the addition of many records recent updated. Bravo !

Updated and fully refreshed ALA data set
trevorpreston wrote:
29 Nov 2022
Thank you Simone. I was very happy with this one, very beautiful.

Unidentified Millipede (Diplopoda) (TBC)
SimoneC wrote:
29 Nov 2022
Good photos Trevor, its a Spirobolida millipede, almost certainly a Spirobolellus. See https://bie.ala.org.au/species/https://biodiversity.org.au/afd/taxa/550767f0-81b9-4b96-a387-9e57fad053f1#overview

Unidentified Millipede (Diplopoda) (TBC)
trevorpreston wrote:
29 Nov 2022
I think you are right, now that I have a closer look. A shame. Thanks for checking for me.

Parakontikia ventrolineata
turb wrote:
29 Nov 2022
Fiddling with the image, I strongly suspect that it is Parakontikia ventrolineata rather than P. atrata, as there appears to be dorsal stripes.

Parakontikia ventrolineata
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