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Birds  |  Birds of prey Cuckoos Nocturnal Birds Other Birds Honeyeater Intermediate size Magpie or larger Small (Robin, Finch, Thornbill etc) Parrots Pigeons and Doves Water birds Colonial nesters (Herons, Cormorants, etc) Other Waterbirds (Crakes, Grebes, Gulls and Terns) Sea Birds Shorebirds Waterfowl (Ducks, Geese, Swans)

Mammals  |  Bats Flying Foxes & Other Megabats Microbats Feral hoofed introduced mammals Deer Other hoofed mammals Kangaroos & Wallabies Monotremes Placental Predators Possums & Gliders Gliders Possums Quolls & Tasmanian Devils Rabbits & Hares Rodents Mice Rats Sea Mammals Small Marsupials Antechinuses Other Small Marsupials Wombats & Koalas

Plants  |  Cacti & Succulents Climbers & Mistletoes Daisies Ferns and Clubmosses Grasses Gum Trees Lilies & Irises Marine Water Plants Orchids Other Fresh Water Plants Other Shrubs Other Trees Other Wildflowers & Herbs Peas Rushes, Sedges & Mat Rushes Wattles

Reptiles and Frogs  |  Crocodiles Dragons Frogs Legless Lizards Monitors & Geckos Skinks Snakes Turtles

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